Wondering Weight

It is 3:00 am and my brain is working overtime, the weight of the wondering, over what?  What could be keeping me from enjoying a night of uninterrupted sleep?  In a moment’s notice, life changed, out of nowhere, life took a turn for the better.

The thoughts that weigh on our minds in the middle of the day, or the night, are not always heavy thoughts.  Generally, when someone lies awake at night the first thought is, “they are struggling with something”.  Why does it have to appear as a struggle?  It is a rarity for the world to mention the lighthearted wonders that keep us awake.

~A missed moment of hope for someone in need is a blessing not shared~

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Divine Joy

Even in the struggles that we go through we rarely consider them a

“Divine Joy.”

As I am going through my new chapter in this life, I find the people that I encounter are intriguing.  I have been in the world of the homeless and poor, and I have been associated with the world of the rich and wealthy where appearance, titles, and dollars matter.  Of course, there is nothing the same in these two worlds, right? Read more