Grateful for The Quest

A long search for something, a longing that we all deeply desire to fulfill. The Quest to where? The Quest for what? The Quest for who?

I’ve been in limbo now for about eight months, wondering which direction I am headed.  Many times, I have said to myself, this is it!  I am on the right path, and many times, I have been disappointed as the path took a detour, not planned by me.  What do I do now?  Where to now?  While the adventure is just that…an adventure, I wouldn’t say that it has been overly exciting.  It is a challenging time for me so I must ask myself, “Do I belong here?” Read more

His Reflection


I moved to Florida in April 2012, and it’s been an awesome journey.  My spare room is what I use as my craft room, office and well the “catch all room.”  I started purging things today, just as most of us do at the start of a new year.  Start fresh, clean slate, organized and ready to take on the next chapter, right?

As I am going through papers and old stuff, I have this soft nudge in my heart telling me to stop working and look in the mirror.  God, what am I supposed to be looking for when I look in the mirror, I wonder. A couple of questions come to mind, “What does my next chapter, my next 364 days’ look like?”  “What is it that God desires for me to learn in this chapter?”

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The Power of Christ

Let your guard down.  Let go and let God.  It’s in God’s hands.  It’ll be okay.  Have faith.  God’s got this.

Haven’t we all heard our friends and family say this to us?  I am first to admit, I have even shared these same short blurbs to my very own friends and family.  While each one is a very true short and to the point statement, personally, I struggle with each of them.  Now, I am a firm follower of Christ, and I do have Faith, the reality is, I am of the flesh as is everyone on earth.  The golden question, “how do you know when to…?”

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Divine Joy

Even in the struggles that we go through we rarely consider them a

“Divine Joy.”

As I am going through my new chapter in this life, I find the people that I encounter are intriguing.  I have been in the world of the homeless and poor, and I have been associated with the world of the rich and wealthy where appearance, titles, and dollars matter.  Of course, there is nothing the same in these two worlds, right? Read more