Without God, I can do nothing. My heart has a desire to fulfill the purpose that God has chosen for me. We are here to make a difference, so why not start now and start with me.


I am a free-spirit who truly loves to see the best in people come to life. Everyone has good in them, they just need a heart willing to help find it. Passionate about serving others by inspiring and encouraging you to dream big and follow the adventure into the unfamiliar.  I enjoy helping others create the life they love, achieve tangible results and escape into the reality of their vision.  I am also an author, Realtor, and entrepreneur.

There is no greater happiness than to see a child find success through a journey that was difficult.  A single mom honored and blessed to have two amazing young hearts, my son David, 29 and daughter Bridgette, 25. I am excited to see God unfold your journey.  I love you all!

David Kira and Tobias


My son, and his beautiful family, his life partner Kira and their son (my first grandbaby) Tobias. David is a self-employed contractor for 10+ years. They are making memories and creating a successful life together.   


Bridgette and Christian


My daughter and her life partner Christian.  Bridgette graduated with her Bachelors from Indiana University in Study of Public Environmental Affairs. They both love baseball and are embracing the journey of life together.



As an author, part of my heart remains in Murphy, NC where I completed my first book, “Keep Smiling and Have Faith”. Now available, my second book, “C.H.O.I.C.E.S., Triumph through Adversity”,  an eBook on Amazon.com will empower you and rock your perspective!! Click here to buy today!

With God as my leader, coach, and pilot, together, we will make a difference.

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