Connie Farmer, CEO / Owner

Connie is a published author, blogger, Realtor, and entrepreneur. She has an executive administrative history and has an Associates Degree in Business.  She inspires and empowers you to dream big and adventure into the unfamiliar. She enjoys helping others create the life they love, achieve tangible results and escape into the reality of their vision. Whether it’s your dream home, your grand celebration event or reading an inspiring word of encouragement, she is passionate to serve you!

You can find her Blog HERE.


Paul Harding, Chief Operating Officer

Paul is a recently retired business executive. His areas of expertise cover marketing, sales, customer service, and general management. Geographically he has led the expansion of businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Japan, and the Far East, and, for the past 20 years, the United States. He is a New Zealander by birth, has lived in Australia and several states in the US since 1984. He enjoys tennis, international travel, live music, in addition to drafting the architectural and interior design detail for renovations to his homes. Currently, he is chair of his neighborhood association and serves on the town’s modifications committee.