Wired for the Dream

Starting at an early age in childhood we have dreams, ones that are so sweet, fresh, simple and innocent. As we develop into our teen years and adulthood, our dreams become slightly different, and for others, it is possible that it stayed the same.

Personally, I do not recall any specific dream that I had as a child.  Truthfully, I don’t recall much from my childhood that was oriented towards dreams and goals.  I guess that was not what was in my realm growing up.   This is my recollection, my perspective. It is not right or wrong, it is simply different.

As an adult, I can see where I want my future to go, so naturally, I set goals and have dreams for a better life.  I ask myself, at what cost will that better life be though?  What am I willing to sacrifice to obtain it and what exactly does a better life look like?  Simple. That’s what a better life looks like.  Simplicity.

I’m now asking you to watch this video from Jimmy Carter, dated July 15, 1979, Address to the Nation, and then stop for a brief moment and think on your past, present and future life and where you are in all aspects, physically, mentally, spiritually.


What does your life look like? Hard, simple, easy, full of “stuff”, bad habits, baggage, full of self, good friends, family, great support groups, church, great job, are in involved in the community, are you looking out of rose-colored glasses, trapped, or are you not sure of anything?  For me, I am not sure of anything anymore. At almost 40 years later, our world, our society is still in the same place…consumption of self-gratification, self-indulgence, self-absorbed.  Fighting over economic consumption, political perspectives that change over every 4 years, sometimes 8 years, only to become a slightly different fight with the same problem. Religions battling who’s better than the other, judging, hypocrisy. The rich, the poor, the homeless, the addictions, all of it together hasn’t changed much for the better. We have forgotten the purpose of what really matters.

When will it end?

“Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but by what one owns.”

(President Jimmy Carter – 07/15/1979)

How true is this statement from Jimmy Carter today?  I am not discounting that we should forego our successes and that your dreams shouldn’t be amidst your journey in life, please, dream, and dream BIG.  Develop a life that has meaning and purpose according to what you want, not what others have or “appear” to have. Stop scrolling through others dreams on social media and scroll through your own dreams.

We were born wired for the dream. As the wires end up taking us on a rollercoaster ride we forget the whole meaning and purpose behind the dream. Which wire do I take, which looks better, which wire will give me the most money, the most followers, the best life, which wire will give me the happiness that I am seeking?  The distractions of all the “stuff”, the fast pace of moving to the top of the corporate ladder, the best clothes, car or house, the most likes, and followers on social media, will never bring you to that place of peace you are seeking.  Don’t stay trapped among the mess of wires holding back your dreams and your purpose.

Remove all the distractions,

remember where your main wire is grounded,

find your identity, purpose, and meaning

live the simple life.

To do what you want, to find your identity, to find your place of peace and happiness, you have to sacrifice something.  Live simply.

May a Garment of Grace cover you,

Connie Ann

Video credit: YouTube

Photo credit: Garment of Grace, Connie Ann Farmer


One comment

  • Hi Connie

    Great post!!

    My new knee surgery went well this morning at 8:30AM!

    Had my first physical therapy session today at 1:15 amazing how quickly they get you up on your feet

    The staff here at Blake medical in West Bradenton is terrific.

    I have my own room am able to order breakfast lunch and dinner from a menu!

    – bob


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