Flowers In Flight

In a roller-coaster flight, the winding tracks go up, the ride gains momentum, pushing toward the top only to decline in the valley of the ride.  Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?  Just as we climb every mountain before us to gain momentum, we also fall deep into the valley prey to disappointment. Sometimes in these moments, we lose friends, opportunities, sometimes even family.  At what cost shall it be to climb the mountain or turn on the winding track into the path of our purpose?

Visualize yourself at the front of an open field of multi-colored flowers.  All different. The shape, the size, the style, the make, the color.  All different.  Find yourself delving deep into the field and having to choose which flower you want first, second, third…and so on.

Visualize your dreams and desires for your life,

seek to find your purpose among the many different flowers” 

Which direction do you go?  To the right there are Daffodils, radiantly beautiful, to the left there are Lilies, oh so delicate and peaceful. In the middle of this open field, you find a bouquet of Carnations, gorgeously placed in a circle of perfection. Far away on the horizon of the open field, you see a garden of Roses, you wonder, is that what life is really like?  A garden of roses?  At the very place you are standing, you see Petunias.

What does all this mean, you ask?  The meaning of each flower represents people and opportunities we encounter.

  • Daffodils – Creativity, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Renewal & Vitality, Reflection
  • Lilies – Royalty, motherhood, purity, passion and drive, renewal and rebirth
  • Carnations – Love, Fascination, Distinction
  • Roses – Love, Humility, Passion, Appreciation, Admiration
  • Petunias – Anger, Resentment

I am not a flower expert, I am simply giving you a visionary example.  However, as I thought about the different types of flowers, it hit me.  Aren’t we, as humans displayed like a field of flowers? We choose who we allow in our circle of life, we choose our behavior, we choose how we treat others, we choose how we speak to one another, some with anger, some with love, some not at all. Our flower garden is created by our choosing.  One flower out-of-place doesn’t make the bouquet ugly, just different.

Our dreams, our desires are filled with passion and inspiration, we forgive, we renew our hearts, souls, and minds.  Just like every flower growing in different directions; we are all growing in different directions. We have a purpose, we live, we grow, we get watered, fed, and loved and then we die.  We rise and then we fall, we rise and then we fall.  Just like the roller-coaster flight going up and down the tracks and the mountains you climb; when you put your feet on the floor…

“Every day you become a flower in flight, soar beautifully”

My heart is intentionally working on creating my flower garden, not yours, not my family, not my friends or my career.  My flower garden belongs to me and God.  I am not in a hurry to hurry up and get there.  Just as a flower needs the water, food, sun, and time to flourish, so do I and so do you, own your time.

Recently, I have encountered many struggles that few are aware of.  I put in my two weeks at my job and was fired a week later. I have some treatable health issues that will take some time for healing.  I have been extremely mad at God and have verbalized my anger to Him.  Where some may think that I walked away from God or friendships, in your eyes, that is what you choose to see.  In God’s eyes, He sees me being an organic piece of art transforming into fulfilling His purpose for my life

Center your thought on every mountain that you have climbed, explore each moment when you reached the height of the mountain and how epic the feeling was. It can be that again.  Stand at the top of the mountain and look down on the field of flowers, which flower do you want to pursue?  Choose and then reach for it, no matter how far away it appears, everything is attainable if you have passion, the ambition, and the drive to get there.  You are a Flower in Flight!

From the end of the earth, I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I

Psalm 61:2

You have authority over your life, be a flower in flight that you choose to be!

May a Garment of Grace be over you,

Connie Ann


Photo credit: Amanda Mueller Photography, photo included in the book Keep Smiling and Have Faith written by Connie Ann Farmer.

DISCLAIMER: Colors of each flower represent different meanings as well. This is for general purposes only.  For more information on the different colors of flowers and their meanings go to


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