Unlock Your Future

Ever give up on something because it wasn’t going your way or you felt that it wasn’t meant to be?  So many people give up on their dreams, whether childhood, teen or adult.  You’ve lost that passion for whatever reason, you’ve lost it.

I am here to say…don’t quit!

“You hold the key to your future, unlock that dream and let it out.

Words spoken come to life!”

I have many dreams, some have come to fruition, some are dormant and some may surface not as I imagined.  However, I am embracing this moment, one of the dreams I have, is coming to life as we speak!

Many occasions, more than I desire to count, I have had that “tennis ball” going back and forth in my head. (Sandy and Caroline will appreciate this).  I’m sure others have had that same feeling, like your brain never shuts off and you just want it to be quiet for a moment, right?!  Oh, I get it!!   Great ideas popping in your head at 2 am and then you can’t fall back to sleep only to hear the alarm go off because it’s time to get ready for work. Then, you forget everything that kept you awake all hours of the night. Ugh!

Work, school, kids, husbands, significant others or family.  Whatever your journey is, embrace it and never give up on your dreams along the way.

Your time will come, one piece at a time!

Hard work, perseverance, determination, and eliminating the negative out of my life has led me to the place I am heading in 2018.  Don’t get me wrong, the struggle along the way has been real. With MANY frustrating moments, and venting sessions with my closest, dearest friends and family, their encouragement and support help guide me to where I am now.  I will not give you an excuse, or pretend that everything for my journey has been a bed of roses, that would be lying. (Anyone who truly knows me, knows this is a pet peeve of mine).

The key to unlocking your future, is to believe 

Quick short story here; a close dear family friend took me to Key West during an extremely difficult season.  A journey that will stay with me forever.  (Thank you GB) 🙂  So, we are walking around Key West, everywhere, we walked.  (I think we only drove onto the island and off the island, lol). Anyway, one night while we walked to see the sights, we entered upon a gated area, he had this wild idea to use the key to our hotel room to unlock the gate.  I am adamant this key is not going to work on this gate, so to prove him wrong, I try it…well, I was proven wrong, when that gate opened, I was floored.  That key should have never opened that gate, ever!!  He believed confidently that if you just try it, it could work.  There was possibilities, there was opportunities and they worked out because we tried and (he) believed.  If you never try to unlock your future, you will never know if your dream will come to life, believe in the key to your opportunity, and just try it.

Great opportunities, great friends, love, understanding and acceptance, the blessings from God are before me and this girl is soaking it up!  Grateful that my future has been unlocked!

“Cultivate present moment awareness and remain open to the many opportunities life offers, we open to the power within us to realize all our dreams with effortless ease.” (Deepak Chopra)

Abundant Blessings to you and yours in 2018!

Smiles, Sunshine and Love,

Connie Ann Farmer

Side note:  The key in the photo is the key that opened the locked gate and our hotel room that were on opposite ends of the island.  This is a TRUE STORY!!

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