Hiding Place

Ever consider going away somewhere just so you can hide from the mundane of daily duties and dealings?  Absolutely, I have, we all have.  Our thoughts instantly go to a place far away such as the beach, the peaceful serenity of the mountains, or a destination of hibernating so no one can find us, no drama, and no responsibility.  Just you and Calgon!

Hello reality!!! – At some point you will be found, hopefully someone will miss you and wonder why they hadn’t heard from you, or you might be found by a stranger.

So how do you go to your hiding place?  What exactly is your hiding place?  Why do people desire to have a hiding place?

On occasion, I find myself staring out the window and just drawing a blank on where life is taking me, or the path that God has me on.  I ask myself, where am I headed, where does God have me headed, am I hiding in my own shell?  When life has so much to offer, it can be rather overwhelming.  The abundance of opportunities, activities, all the “stuff” that we have right in front of us and accessible to our daily lives, wow…it’s too much to even grasp.

In this life, we will never reach all that is out there.  I do not mean for that to sound negative, however it is reality.  If you have ever been on a cruise ship, you get just a glimpse of what there is to do in the world.  On a ship, from the bow to the stern, for example, the Norwegian Epic is 1,081 feet in length.  Breaking it down, that is equivalent to 3 football fields. Now, just imagine yourself on that ship and all the activities, the views, the smells, the sounds, the serenity, the opportunities, I could go on and on. Just that one ship of activities and opportunities all in one place is like a needle in a haystack compared to what is offered in our world today.  It is incomprehensible to humanity.

My point is to bring awareness to others with these few suggestions:


  • You have all the same resources that others have to reach your dreams, find your passion, find your dream and go for it, there is nothing stopping you.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the neighbors, the family, the friends, or the stranger you meet that appears to have it all together on the surface.  Do your best version of you and find what fits you.  You have it all right before you, reach for it.
  • Stop and smell the roses, stop and embrace the journey, breathe and take in the beauty that is around you by focusing on the moment. Time passes by in a glimpse and you may never get the opportunity again….embrace it fully.
  • Get off the cell phone, the electronics, stop advertising your life on social media anticipating the number of “likes” that will give you the perception that you are doing everything right. In place of social media, step outside in the beautiful sunshine and watch your kids play outside, join in their fun, take them to the park and let them get dirty.  Swing on the swings, find a teeter-totter, play hopscotch, whatever games you did as a kid, and show your children.  Kids are the most innocent and free spirited human being on earth.  Soak that in and go back to being that free spirit for just a moment in this life.  You won’t regret it!
  • Aim beyond the clouds, rise above the past and the present, start your own ceremony of living life to the fullest, with kindness, generosity, and love. (Side note…this is not an invitation to be boastful or flaunting, merely to give the thought, you don’t need the accolades of others to be the star of your sunshine).

Those who stay by your side will be those that respect you, lift you up, encourage your decisions, are loyal and true to assist you in the fulfillment your dreams.

So, how do we answer the questions above?  Only one way…If going to your hiding place means disappearing for a few days to evaluate your life, then do it, if it means the beach for one day, then do it, if it means you build a prayer closet in your home, then do that, if it means surrounding yourself with others, then do that.  What you choose to do to find your hiding place, your path, your journey, is yours to own. Why do you need a hiding place; to refocus, rejuvenate, to stop and ask yourself, “What do I truly want from this life?”  This question is hard to answer when the world is offering so much at your fingertips, go away from the world to find the answer.  Look within!

Some will look at hiding from a different context by way of “covering up”, “concealing”, or “isolating”, that is not what I am extending to you, this is more of a reflection of yourself and what you need to uncover for you and you alone. Your hiding place is an opportunity to find your true self.

“Come out of hiding believing in yourself and all that God has planned for you!”

Respect yourself, protect your world, guard your heart, and keep your perspective refreshed.  Know that you will get rained on, you will find hard times, friends will come and go, but in the midst of it all, the reward at the end is that YOU made it through to fulfill your dream.

Take a faithful day of embracing all the magnificent beauty,

opportunities and blessings around our world.

I am thankful for my hiding place…every day with God.

Love and Hugs to you, be kind and love others,

Connie Ann

Keep Smiling and Have Faith!

Writings and photo original by Connie Ann Farmer – Hiding Place – You Don’t Stop ~ Get Aim! (2017)



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