Grateful for The Quest

A long search for something, a longing that we all deeply desire to fulfill. The Quest to where? The Quest for what? The Quest for who?

I’ve been in limbo now for about eight months, wondering which direction I am headed.  Many times, I have said to myself, this is it!  I am on the right path, and many times, I have been disappointed as the path took a detour, not planned by me.  What do I do now?  Where to now?  While the adventure is just that…an adventure, I wouldn’t say that it has been overly exciting.  It is a challenging time for me so I must ask myself, “Do I belong here?”

People have come and gone in my life, which is normal, some I thought would be for a lifetime, some, I wasn’t sure.  Either way, God planted them at the time that He felt was best for me and for the individual, so I consider it a blessing.

My path has come to a dead-end, so the question for me is, which direction do I go?

As I began my journaling this morning, I am wondering waywardly lost and God reveals to me this verse, “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you” (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Scripture says, God is going to take care of my dead-end path, He is “personally” going ahead of me, I must let go of this journey that I am on and trust He is going before me. So what is there to question right?

The word “question” has the word “quest” in part.  Now, when we look at each word, they relate to one another by way of the “quest”.  Our quest is a longing for something that fulfills our dreams, excites our heart, and gives us a sense of belonging.  It’s a search for something, answers.  Like our “questions”, we question things or people because we are searching for something, answers.

 Reframe the view of your quest and respond to everything that excites your heart

Consider these three thoughts from a different perspective, open your eyes, open your heart and be open to reframing the view of a life you are meant to experience.

  • New beginnings ~ thoughts become words and words become action
  • A miracle is ahead ~ with God as your guide, remember the producer, director, writer, and actor of your own play is YOU
  • Is this your passion ~ God created you, your life experience is your creation, if the reflection outside doesn’t match up with the inside, make the change necessary to see the reflection change.

I am grateful for the dead-end, I am grateful for the wayward wondering, I am grateful for the challenges, I am grateful for feeling like I don’t belong, because, I belong to God, I don’t belong to the world, therefore, I am Grateful for The Quest.

Be Grateful for the Quest that you are on, your search for answers is worth the experiences along the way


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