What happens in your life is a result of decisions you made or decisions made for you without your permission. The scars we carry with us are symbolic, reminders of a path we may or may not have chosen or are proud of. Our scars also remind us of our value. 

Where do you find your value?

God? Friends? Family, yourself? Competing with others?

Stealing joy from others because you think you’re more deserving?

Is your pain worse than others? What makes you think your scars are worse than the next person?

Many people answer quickly by saying, “I’ve had cancer, I was homeless, I’ve been abused, or neglected, I don’t have a job, my marriage is horrible.”  Whatever your pain is, do you answer the question based on the value of your pain or who and where you are now because of your pain as, “I find my value in God, or my ministry, my job, my family, others or some go as far as even to say themselves”.

So many options, but what is the truth on how to answer this question at face value?  Regardless of your answer, are you really being honest with yourself and others as you ponder this question?  How do you really know where you are placing your value when some of your decisions are not based on truth as a factor in shaping your future? Honestly, the truth is lost.

Instead of pursuing a life that is true for ourselves, we incubate our thoughts,

only to continue to walk in fear hiding our scars.

When you face the offender that is doing something hurtful to you, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical, do you really have the guts to say, “Hey, I don’t appreciate the way you’re treating me and I would like to sit down and talk about it with you, can we chat?”

In Exodus 5, the story of Moses and the Pharaoh shows us that God doesn’t give up and God doesn’t leave us, we trust and believe that God is going to protect us repeatedly.  Let’s look at the meaning of “Pharaoh”, by definition, this is “any person who uses power or authority to oppress others, a.k.a. “tyrant”.  In Exodus 5, Moses and the Pharaoh had differences.  A battle that Moses wasn’t giving up on nor was Pharaoh initially giving in to. Pharaoh was using his power over Moses, but Moses wouldn’t allow him to have complete authority to hold him down.  Moses knew he had God on his side, and God gave him the strength to speak up and stand up.

Who is your Pharaoh? Do you have a Pharaoh in your life?

You are free to be you, the price has been paid for you to live a life that is free of bitterness, guilt, and shame, pain, and suffering or whatever challenges you are facing. If someone is being a “Pharaoh” in your life, remember you have the power to deny them the ability to oppress your thoughts and feelings.  Live your life that is true and purposeful for you by letting your Spirit guide you.

God uses this time of decision making to educate us on how to handle our future. Believe in yourself, create the blueprint that will enhance your life.

Some may say that God creates the blueprint for our life.  I would have to disagree.  For my path, I create the blueprint, then build the life I desire based on what I believe will come to existence. God is on my path because I have a relationship with Him and consult Him and His Word while WE (God and myself) are building the life from the blueprint.  You can do the same thing!

My scars will not hinder me.  My Pharaoh doesn’t own me.  Your scars do not claim you as a victim.  Your Pharaoh doesn’t own you. The sins we keep privately, are not private, we never sin alone. Victimless sin is non-existent. We all are sinners, where our sin begins, is where we believe our value depreciates. Where you find your value begins with your heart being transformed and in the right place.

Your scars are softly covered by His scars.

I find my value in God, for others, it may be different.  THAT’S OK!  We are not to judge, we are to be examples of Christ and let others decide for themselves on where they place their heart and trust. (Read: Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:37; James 4:11-12)

“Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.”  James 1:12 (MSG)

Scars and pain are not meant for competition

Build from your blueprint

Love and Hugs,

Connie Ann


Photo Credit: Connie Ann Farmer – Lakewood Ranch, Florida

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