Learning vs Performance

As we learn, we grow; as we grow, we reach a new level of aspirations.

Driven.  Ambition.  Goals.  Perseverance.  Focus.  Dream.  Aspire.

Ever ask yourself why you are tired all the time?  Are you doing, doing, doing?  Or are you learning and doing?  Alternating between the two can hinder our growth. The best way to grow is to give full focus and practice to what you desire to change in your growth process.  Purposely focus on the learning and then move into the performance.  Reflect on the performance to see what mistakes you made, and then adjust.  This is learning.

I have a plaque a special friend had in his office, it says, “Try…Fail…Adjust”.  I always loved walking into his office and seeing this plaque because it was a constant reminder that no matter how many times I try at something and failed, I needed to adjust the way I tried to make it a success.

Observation, reflection, and adjustment are all learning techniques.

Consider the word “success”, without looking at the financial aspect of the word. For me, it is about building my confidence, believing in my abilities that God gave me, having character and integrity to do what is right for people and for myself.  I try daily to make the right decisions, to treat people the way that I want to be treated.  (we all know that old saying, right?)  it is a true statement though.  Being respectful to others is at an all-time low in this world.  Regardless of where you are on this journey, having respect for yourself and others is vital to the success of your life.

Practice each of these and watch your life change.

~ being focused ~

~ having the ambition to learn and grow ~

~ having goals ~

~ having the desire to dream ~

As we think of our goals, we run into the problem of “performing” rather than learning.  Remember to learn from every performance of what not to do going into your future goal. Dream big and act upon that dream, make it happen!  Grow into the person you were created to be, without fear, without hesitation, Go with confidence, with determination and perseverance.  Focus on the here and now that leads to each day after! Never give up!

Try a new adventure that brings an inner zest and excitement to your mind and heart, stimulating your brain and giving you back the feeling of being alive with hope and encouragement for a fulfilling experience.

TRY something you’ve always dreamt of doing, and if you FAIL,


“Real confidence is about modeling ongoing learning”


Lovingly Serving Christ ❤

Smiles, Love, and Hugs,

Connie Ann

Thank you, KJ for your inspiration and always encouraging me to try, and if I fail, adjust!

(Tim Ferriss)”


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