The Window or The Door

How many times have I looked out the window only to find myself wishing that I could see my big dream come to life?  To recall the number of years spent wishing, hoping, and struggling through just to make it to that big dream being fulfilled, is next to impossible. 

Can you relate to the above?

Without a doubt, I am sure there are a countless number of people in this world that have felt the same emptiness of that exciting moment when the lock to a big dream has been opened.  I for one have many dreams, but I have one big dream and the waiting is teaching me strength, patience, and trust.

The view from the window is out of fear of walking through the big door, so we choose a smaller view to not feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Sometimes taking that step is just too much for people to handle in a big world holding the “I told you so” over our thoughts, we miss out on what could be an exciting journey.   Doing what we truly love to do for fear of failing is not an excuse, it is a reality for many, including me.  I have had moments of failure, moments that send me back into my shell because of the past, the pain that I had endured of rejection and feeling like an outcast.  The battle in my head tells me that I am never going to reach my dream.  Right here, right now, I am claiming the outcome as a victory, no matter what I face, God is by my side.  Every mountain that I have before me, I have a God that is bigger than any mountain. My dream is bigger than my past pains and my fears of not feeling worthy of receiving Gods best for me. I am under a great deal of enthusiasm for the best life ahead.  You have the same abilities and opportunities within you!

You and I are no longer in chains of captive rejection.

Find Your Passion…Uncontrollable Enthusiasm

“Following our dreams and passions sometimes can find others being critical or judging us. It is not about proving anyone wrong by accomplishing your deepest desires; enjoy the blessing that God placed in your heart. Walk with faith and confidence that God is with you on your journey, after all, He placed it in your heart. Have fun, be happy, share the positive things in life, accomplish your dreams, and dream big!”  (Keep Smiling and Have Faith)

 “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make

the most of every opportunity.”

Colossians 4:5

While the window view may seem small, the God we serve, the God who loves us unconditionally and stands by us in all we do has a much greater view than we can imagine.  Trust and release your dreams, and your passions to Him.  Doubters may say your dream will never happen.  Remember who is in charge, the One who is bigger than the doubters, keep your enthusiasm and run with the journey at your pace and own it!

Look through the window and tell your heart, I am no longer stuck inside,

I will now walk through the door!


Smiles, Love, and Hugs ❤

Connie Ann

Photo Credit:  Amanda Mueller Photography

Keep Smiling and Have Faith Devotional quoted-insert by Connie Ann Farmer