Centered Expectation

We lay dormant; therefore, we do not live. Your life right now, right where you are, believe that your circumstances, good or bad, are considered living.

Where is your center?  What is your expectation?

What is your expectation for the center of your own life?  Every person on earth has a center for the path they are adventuring on.  It isn’t equal to anyone else.  Some say they have a God-centered life, while others say they have a center focus, whether it be goals, accomplishments, success or just living life to the fullest through each season handed them.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life”

Proverbs 13:12

I read an article about, “What does it mean to be God-centered?”  Two sections spoke to me after reflecting upon my own intentions and desires for this life. Referencing the article, it goes on to speak of the fine line that exists between being God-centered and being religion-centered.  Take a moment to study the differences and then look deep in your heart, what is your motivation, fear, or guilt?

“God-centered people are not self-centered. God-centered people pay less attention to the applause of this world because their motivation is the anticipation of hearing the words “Well done!” when this life is over (Matthew 25:2123)”. 

“Many religion-centered people think that their lives revolve around God, when, in truth, they are enslaved to a religious system. Many false religions and even some Christian denominations focus so much on strict performance standards that the relationship with God Himself is pushed into the background.”

“Neither being church-centered nor being activity-centered can substitute for being God-centered.”

Now, I am not saying that we should not fear the Lord, this is a different type of fear, meaning we are to be obedient, respecting Him and the Word.   I am not perfect therefore I do fail as a Christian, this doesn’t mean that I am not God-centered.  My center is my relationship with God, He expects me to accept and agree with Him that I am not perfect. My intent is to grow my relationship closer to God and be the example to others in order for them to see Jesus in me, and asking, “what separates her from me?”

Moving on with expectations.  The Bible speaks of expectations; redemption, judgment, delayed, expectations that we come to realized and those that are unrealized.  Losing focus, giving up on our passions, our dreams, this causes us undesirable distress in our life.  Expectations that are centered around what we are “used” to from our own past or present can cause repeated irritations taken into our future unless we work through it and heal from unmet expectations. 

“The intent of our centered expectation is to succeed in a life that we are blessed to receive on earth by the sacrifice of One Man, Jesus.”

The success in your life should not be based on monetary, but based on the healing of your heart and centered on the expectations from Jesus.  Is your heart sick because you gave up hope on a dream or a passion?  Find your center and expect the best to come to fruition.  Do not delay, make your move and God will meet you right where you are.

A measure of where your heart is, seeking a display of praise is not pleasing Jesus.  

“For they loved human praise more than praise from God”

John 12:43

Find your center and focus on the expectations you develop for yourself.  In the quiet, is where you will find your hope and success along your journey.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him” 

Romans 15:13

Smiles, Abundant Love, and Hugs to all ❤

Connie Ann


Reference cited: “What does it mean to be God-Centered?”

Photo Credit: Connie Ann Farmer – Life Enrichment Center – 2016


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