the common cage

Picture a cage, the shape is not important.  On one side of this cage, you have the popularity of modern day contemporary Christianity.  On the other side, we have the Theologian preacher who provides the traditionalism of deeper Christianity.  Neither side is wrong, just different.

What I am about to share, the majority will probably disagree, and that’s okay.  This is not an opinion of mine, this is a perspective of what my eyes and my heart see.

I find that my walk with the Lord has changed tremendously over the last 20 years.  I have seen God work in and through me with many challenges that I had to endure of what most people wouldn’t even comprehend. I have seen blessings abundantly and I am so grateful for all that God has given me and that I am still alive to be able to share with others. Let me express this whole heartedly, I am proud to call myself a Christian.  I believe that Christianity is the relationship with God, where the vertical beam and the horizontal beam cross, that is where my heart and soul land.  I understand and believe that relationships with like-minded people are also extremely important.  Jesus walked among all social classes, for example, in John, the adulteress, in Luke, the tax collector who cheated people, in Acts, Saul, the trouble maker who threatened others. He did not just walk with those that were following Him and believing in His Name.

As we grow in our relationships and our daily lives, things change, people change, the world changes, overall, everything changes.  Day to day may stay the same for a moment, however, a tragedy in your life or a beautiful blessing in your life brings changes.  Regardless of the circumstance, there is change.

Are you stepping outside the common ground and embracing it, or are you staying within the bars of your common cage because it is safe and you are not questioned or threatened?  If you answered the question, “I am stepping outside of the common ground” (or similar), I do believe it would be safe to say that you are being questioned, called out or set apart because you are embracing a different journey than what others in your circle of influence believe that you should be doing.  Is it their change or your change?  Are you in the same cage as they are? Or are you independent of the rest of them in how you feel, how you see things, how you are affected?  Regardless of where your faith is, your closest friends and family do not want to see or hear that the one they love is embracing something they feel is either not of God, or of their choosing for your life.  But who are they to determine if what you are doing is God led or not?  Are they Jesus? Who are they to choose for you on your journey?

If the inspiration is not coming from a source that is believed by others, is it wrong? Not all inspiration comes from one source.  It is that commonality, that familiarity that the world lives in because they fear of stepping outside of the cage and being an outcast by doing something that is “different”.  If we are truly following our hearts, our beliefs, our values, who is to say that we are not following what we believe in?  Let your heart determine what is best for you and believe in the value of you.

Wherever you are in your faith, it is up to you to decide who controls your cage door, remember, it is not wrong, it is just different.  We are all different, yet, we are all in the common cage of living in a world controlled by the perception and belief of others.

For me, I stand firm on my faith, I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I am forgiven, I am shown mercy and grace, and it is undeserving, however, I am chosen.  God chose me to step outside the common cage, to be an outcast.  I won’t conform to the world, nor will I choose to be a part of a fake society and pretend to be someone I am not.  That’s what separates me from the rest of the world.

My heart is true to a God that loves me unconditionally, my heart is healed and pursuing a life that I believe God desires for me.  I challenge you to step outside of the common cage and stop being a part of the world, living according to the way your peers, your circle of friends, and family speak of how you should live.  You are made for so much more than what is inside the common cage, break free from the bars, open the door of the cage, and walk out with confidence, with hope, and with encouragement that you and the life you have before you are of value.  Your journey is yours to own!

Smiles and Love ❤

Connie Ann

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