Together We Touch the Sky

Gathering pieces of life along the journey wondering how it will all fit together.  Where do we go from here, which direction is the next step? Behind or in front?  What does it look like?  The power that is within our spirit will give us the answers to all our questions as we take on the adventure ahead of us. Creating memories, the making of a story never imagined, reaching beyond the limitations set by the world.

Anything is possible if you just believe, He said. (Mark 9:23)

We climb the mountain together. We walk through the river together. We weather the storm together. We embrace the days ahead together. We laugh together. We cry together. We love together. We talk together. We hold this life as one, side by side, we create our journey together.  ❤

~Together We Touch the Sky ~

My heart has been touched by family and many friends who have shown the unconditional love that Jesus has given to all of us by His sacrifice. I’ve lost and gained friendships. I pray for those who made decisions, some unbeknownst to me, for the loss of friendships. I am blessed and I thank you for the moments of your life shared to create memories for us. I pray for those that are new in my life.  I am blessed that you took a moment out of your life to become my friend and create a new future.

Whoever your “Together” is with, focus and embrace that togetherness,

Reach for the Sky!

Whichever path you are embracing, I encourage you to embrace it fully focused on the moment you are in. Many are facing tough challenges, some are facing giants, some are working through situations not so large. Many are living out their dream, and some are not sure where to begin. The way you think about your journey, the way you envision your life is yours to own. As you reflect, remember you have a new day, a new chapter to begin again. We are Reaching for the Sky as one human family in different seasons, writing new chapters.  Love one another!



Photo Credit – Connie Ann Farmer, Key West 9/2016


“Let God transform you into a new person by

changing the way you think”

Romans 12:2


Smiles and Hugs ❤

Connie Ann

“I love loving you”

Feature Photo Taken by Connie Ann Farmer

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