Unanswered Prayers

“Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.”  Most of us have heard the song by Garth Brooks “Unanswered Prayers” right?  Recently I was reminded that I need to Thank God for my unanswered prayers.

God is for me; God is not against me.  Unanswered prayers, if He is for me, why the unanswered prayers?

My personal adventure in this world most know it hasn’t always been pleasant or easy for me. Everyone has a story to tell.  I share these words based on experiences.  For no reason other than my hope for someone to see they are not alone in their journey.  Brokenness in a person’s life is an incompleteness of something, brokenness is real and many people suffer from it harder and deeper than others.  The feeling of not being “accepted” in the flesh takes a toll on our spirit; your heart, soul, and spirit are broken.  God takes our brokenness and turns it into a marvelous story of our journey with Jesus if we allow Him. God uses our brokenness to deepen our understanding of His mercy and His provision for our journey.

You ask, what does this have to do with unanswered prayers.  It has everything to do with it.

During some of my darkest and most recent troubled times, I wondered why God didn’t answer my prayers. Looking back, I now realize why. Lessons were to be learned. What did I learn?  We have heard, “I learned what I don’t want”.  While that is a true statement, for me, I learned I need a deeper relationship and trust with God. See, I wasn’t trusting God in all the areas of my life. I’m putting this out there, trust is not easy for me. Almost every relationship, friendship, or encounter that I have experienced, the trust has been broken. I have to realize the experiences that we have on our journeys are so that we can be more compassionate and helpful to one, maybe two or more other people in this world. To do this, I have to take a risk and open myself to others.  I also have to trust God.

To be completely honest and transparent, I thank God for not answering my prayers now. The prayers that I prayed were not of my spiritual relationship with God, but of the world.  What and who I thought should be in my life, were not supposed to stay.  God knew these people would come and go, He knows people say and do things that fill a void in that moment. He knew the people who disappointed me, “friends” who said they were there for me, would not be there for me.  The things of the world that I wanted, God knew they were not healthy for me.

He wants me to fall into Him. He wants all of me to have…

Trust. Openness. Transparency. Belief. Forgiveness. Love.

Someone will probably have something to say about this, NO, I am not bitter, angry or holding a grudge. But, I don’t fit into the mold of the world, I am set apart, I don’t conform, I don’t do fake and I won’t settle.  No one in this world likes to hear the truth, or speak the truth for that matter.  Lies have become the new truth in society today.  I am only sharing what others will not say.  If words will be spoken about this blog that it is unacceptable, rude, or disrespectful, then so be it.  If I was a celebrity or someone of higher authority, then I would have a million “likes” and “shares” on social media, because it’s “acceptable” when they speak it.  My name is known by a Higher Power than the world could ever give me.  I share, like and comment for Jesus Christ because I am accepted by Him. I am not here to please the world, I am here to obey God.

God wants me to see the aerial view, His bigger picture. He wants the same for you. Find YOU and do what God desires for YOU!

The number of people you help doesn’t matter, what matters is that your compassionate and helping and giving Glory to God.

“Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Ephesians 2:9

Whatever you are going through right now and you think God isn’t listening to your prayers, there is a reason.  He is protecting you from something and wants you to look deeper into you and your choices.  Look at your experience and find what it is that you are needing to learn. Whether it is a change of attitude, your behavior, thought process, or deeper relationship with Jesus, take the risk.  It will be worth it.   What you see in the flesh is not what God sees.  Try to see things from God’s perspective and journal what the Holy Spirit is telling you.

Remember to glorify God in your daily walk.  Every moment you have given to you is a moment to take the focus off you and pour your focus on God. Your unanswered prayer is solid protection by your Heavenly Father, soak that in!

By His wounds, I AM healed.  By His grace, I AM forgiven. 

By His love, I AM loved. By His choice of unanswered prayer, I AM protected.

By His protection,  I AM safe.  

By His Blood Sacrifice, I HAVE LIFE. 

For my unanswered prayers, Thank you, God!!

Blessed Abundantly ❤ Love and Hugs,

Connie Ann

Photo Credit – Connie Ann Farmer – Murphy NC (A true Blessing, thank you KJ)


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