A Beautiful You ~ You Are Enough

Blemishes.   No Defects.   Perfect.   Weaknesses.   No Mistakes.   Shortcomings.

You’re probably thinking, why the negative and positive words that are pointed out above.  Blemishes. No Defects. Perfect. Weaknesses. No Mistakes. Shortcomings.  As we consider the world of social media and the way we are to “appear” to the world, some find themselves flawed and less than enough.  Why?  Because we compare ourselves to others on social media and what they “appear” to have or look like.  We all do it. Each of these words represents a piece of our thought process at one time or another, the good and the bad.

Let us change our focus in the new year.  As we begin to look at the beauty within our hearts, the beauty that God created within you, think of yourself as flawless, a beautiful you!


Our canvas is the expression of our lives as we see it in the forefront of our minds, some have a big glob of bumps on the canvas and some are made as smooth as silk, and then there are some with a little bit of both. Regardless of what is on your canvas, it is made new every morning. The beautiful painting that you create for that day is your choice. If you are not changing the way your canvas appears as you express it outwardly then look inside your heart and recreate your canvas from the inside out. Gods’ promises are new each day to guide you with open and loving arms of comfort creating a new masterpiece in you!  You are worth it, you are beautiful, and you are His fine work of art! Our Creator created a beautiful you, you were made to blossom!

There is an overflow of opportunities for all of us to embrace.  Believing in ourselves, believing in the Power that is given us by God, and trusting that your journey is yours to own. Are you challenging that belief, yourself or even God?  God’s eyes were first on you, He created you in your own unique way.  As I find myself challenging this as well, I am reminded of a quote I read.

“There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand of beautiful.”

 (Lisa TerKheurst)

This is so fitting after reading my devotion “God’s Eyes First…A Beautiful You.”  Together they go hand in hand as we look at our canvas for 2017, it’s a clean slate.


This is my beautiful painting, it has blemishes, mistakes, imperfections, but it is mine and it has a story.  My beautiful journey with God began with the scripture He gave to me.

 Matthew 19:26, “With God ALL things are possible.”

My journey is not over and I know God has so much more planned for me, His opportunities are infinite. I believe it, I claim it and I will see it come to fruition.

Create your own brand of beautiful and make your canvas come to life. You have the keen insight to your own heart, to your own journey…in the eyes of God, you are flawless and beautifully branded by God.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Love and Hugs ❤

God Bless You and Thank you for your continued love, encouragement, and support!

Connie Ann

Devotional Credit: Keep Smiling and Have Faith Devotional by Connie Ann Farmer, Photo Credits: Connie Ann Farmer Creations

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