His Reflection


I moved to Florida in April 2012, and it’s been an awesome journey.  My spare room is what I use as my craft room, office and well the “catch all room.”  I started purging things today, just as most of us do at the start of a new year.  Start fresh, clean slate, organized and ready to take on the next chapter, right?

As I am going through papers and old stuff, I have this soft nudge in my heart telling me to stop working and look in the mirror.  God, what am I supposed to be looking for when I look in the mirror, I wonder. A couple of questions come to mind, “What does my next chapter, my next 364 days’ look like?”  “What is it that God desires for me to learn in this chapter?”

The following is a piece expressed from my devotional book “Keep Smiling and Have Faith” that God reminded me of.

“You ask, “What is the message?”  Today, God wants to show you the meaning and purpose of maturity, each step that we take has a purpose for where God is leading us.  Some think that it is difficult to find this maturity when truly it is not that difficult if we would simply look to our Heavenly Father in faith.  He provided us all that we need; it is around us if we would open our eyes and hearts to see what He placed before us.  As I look out the window and see the cap of the mountain on the horizon touch the base of the clouds, I am reminded of how perfect His greatness is, how perfect His creation is. The caps of the mountains are at the height to where they touch right at the very moment that brings the beautiful picture He wants us to see through this eyes.  Togetherness.  Just as you are seeing the work of God in front of you with the picture of the mountains, God desires you to see yourself and others through His eyes; you were perfectly created in His image for His purpose.  The maturity that you desire comes within you and He is your provider of strength and courage.  Run to Him for your answers.  Trust in Him as you look at your mountain and wonder, “how will you ever get to the horizon?”  It is by faith as you see the creation around you, do not doubt what is within you.  The same One who created what is around you is the same One who created what is within you that is waiting to flourish.  Faith is in the unseen; the message of maturity believes in faith.”

After reading this, God spoke to me and reminded me of His message and purpose for our life on earth.  God has several words to share that He desires for us to learn, such as Patience. Encouragement. Hope. Perseverance. Maturity in Faith and Love just to name a few.  When envisioning the mountains and the clouds coming together, the visual is perfectly matched, perfectly made, and done by God alone.

The word “Togetherness” is what God created with the mountains and the clouds, to meet together and form a magnificent miracle of unity and give us a reflection of His neverending beauty. God desires this for our lives too.  He wants us to be “together” with Him, all in, wholeheartedly, otherwise, our mountain will not match with the clouds to make it exceptionally beautiful and perfect as He desires it to be.

His message, our reflection in the mirror reflects who God is in our hearts, our actions, our behavior.  Whatever circumstance you are facing, consider it your “mountain” and eventually, it will meet with the clouds, becoming the beautiful miracle by God who has perfected your circumstance as it is His will that is done.

 “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Choose to live loved and live receiving the miracles from God every day. He Sends A Message…We Mirror It.  Not everyone is going to believe, be His reflection to help others get there.


God Bless you!  Love and Hugs,

Connie Ann

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