Twenty Sixteen

When I consider all that God blessed me with in 2016, I am amazed.  He was by my side the entire year.  Sometimes when I didn’t even think He was there, He showed me through another set of eyes.  He never gave up on me.

Even though another year has gone by with struggle, pain, with a path of not knowing, many blessings, joy, and laughter, I will remember Twenty Sixteen with a grateful heart.

My desire is to follow Christ, to be a better version of who God created me to be while here on earth.  People have come and gone in my life.  As I reflect on those that touched my heart, for that I am grateful.  Some taught me what I don’t want in my life, some taught me to be more humbled, some gave me a new set of eyes to see that I am worthy and deserving of better.

Twenty Sixteen brought me a special friend that will never leave my soul.  I miss him beyond words. My mentor, my friend, my “go-to” person who was honest, genuinely caring and gave more to others than anyone I have ever met.  He was never first in his world, he wanted everyone to find their passion, follow their gifting, and he loved the Lord so much.  A man after God’s heart.  “If I could see you just one more time” is what I’ve asked for the last two days.  Knowing that isn’t going to happen, I look to the heavens saying, “Thank you for believing in me.”

All the glory is to my Heavenly Father for Twenty Sixteen.

Twenty Seventeen is just around the corner, with a refreshed spirit, a renewed and more determined mindset, with God, ALL things are possible, HE and I together are focused and unstoppable!



Abundantly Blessed!

Hugs and Love,

Connie Ann

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